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Le Squez Phase 3

Phase 3 of Le Squez Estate Regeneration marks significant milestone with new Sustainable Category A Social Housing Units.

Le Squez Phase 3

Phase 3 marked a significant milestone in the Le Squez Estate's regeneration project, as it represented the penultimate construction phase of the high-level master plan concept.

The design and provision of new Category A social housing units were carried out in a sustainable form, continuing to create a thriving local community where community spirit can be fostered through interactive spaces between the completed phases of work.

The 21 dwellings, comprising of a three-bedroom, five-person disabled house; 4 two-bedroom, four-person houses, and 16 four-bedroom, six-person houses, will provide design synergy and added value to the development, ensuring that it meets the diverse housing needs of the community.

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