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Le Marais

Revitalizing Community Housing: 14 elderly rental units and 24 low-income homes built on site of three flats.

Le Marais

To provide States’ rental units for the elderly together with first time low income buyer homes. The site was occupied by three blocks of three storey flats which were removed in favour of 14 one bedroom social rented flats and 24 three bedroom low income first time buyer homes.

The Le Marais redevelopment project progressed to its second phase, which involved the provision of 19 flats, including 3 designated for the disabled, 24 three-bedroom townhouses, and 4 four-bedroom houses. The flats have were earmarked for States' rental, while the three-bedroom houses cater to low-income first-time buyers. The four-bedroom units remain within the rental market. This thoughtful distribution ensures that the development caters to a diverse range of housing needs and supports the local community's growth.

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