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Les Vagues

Remodelling of an existing house with fantastic views of Gorey Harbour

The project is the remodelling of an existing house located on an elevated site overlooking Gorey Harbour for a private client and their family. Morris Architects worked with the client for a number of months reviewing numerous properties until this house was chosen.

The brief was to design a remodelled house to provide modern living for the family together with maximising the views and providing improved external amenity.

The budget was not disclosed as the project was a combination of self-build with the use of local sub-contractors.

The design was very much client lead where the requirement was to turn a very traditional house into a modern scheme. Materials were carefully selected with the client to meet their taste and provide the image they had in mind. The external amenity areas were carefully detailed to respond to the sloping nature of the site and its constraints.

The house was constructed by self-build and local sub-contractors. To assist with this, bespoke construction information was provided as necessary to meet the needs of the self-build approach.

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