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Revitalization of an existing 1970s building in Gorey, extending its life cycle whilst bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.


The Oldeholm project embodies a visionary approach to revitalizing an existing 1970s building, aimed at extending its life cycle while seamlessly integrating it with its surrounding context. By drawing inspiration from the rich historical fortifications, this refurbishment initiative creates a harmonious blend of contemporary design and historical significance. Through meticulous design nodes derived from the profound fortifications of the past, Oldeholm provides architecture which bridges the gap between tradition and modernity.

Our primary objective was to deliver an aesthetically captivating building that not only met our clients aspirations, but that also respected its heritage, enhanced its thermal performance and sustainability aspects, by preserving the essence of the original structure, in combination with the use of innovative technologies and sustainable practices.

The project ensures a seamless integration of the building with its surroundings, creating a dynamic connection between the interior and the external environment, not only accommodating the needs of its users but will also celebrate the historical significance of the area.

Through the Oldeholm project, we demonstrated that architectural refurbishments can transcend their original purpose, embracing sustainability, and forging a timeless link between past and present.

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