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North Coast House

A building design which blends Art Deco style with contemporary flair for a harmonious balance of form and function.

North Coast House

This building design is a modern interpretation of the art deco style, aiming to create a smooth, simple, and regimented façade. A play between levels, openings, and a single roof plan is used to achieve a harmonious balance between form and function.

The proportions of the façade are carefully considered, with an open design towards the bay to maximize views for the client, and a more enclosed approach towards the road to ensure privacy and peace within the property.

The elevations are predominantly composed of a combination of render and stone, with high-performing windows arranged in various planes to add visual interest. The roof is finished with an over sailing cornice that provides a simple yet effective cap to the building. This feature is interplayed and broken up with panels of render and granite to soften the design and add depth to the roofline.

Overall, this design represents a contemporary take on the art deco style that achieves a sense of balance and harmony in both form and function. The resulting building is visually striking while still practical and functional for the client's needs.

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