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Les Vagues

Meticulous design transforms existing property into modern living space with traditional elements.

Les Vagues

The project was a redevelopment of an existing property, which required the house to be rebuilt from the first floor up, creating new accommodation on all levels and an additional second floor. Morris Architects was appointed to obtain planning and building regulations, as well as to assist the client with negotiations with their contractor.

The design strategy of the project revolved around creating amenity spaces on the cotils of Gorey, by incorporating balconies and retained landscaping. The result was a space that maximized the potential of the site, providing the occupants with the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding landscape and the fantastic views of Gorey Harbour.

Throughout the project, a rigorous approach was employed to ensure that every aspect of the design was meticulously executed, from the external detailing to the internal finishes. The design was carefully crafted to reflect the unique character of the area, while also providing modern amenities and contemporary living.

Overall, this project is a testament to professional architecture which has the ability to combine traditional design elements with modern amenities and contemporary living, resulting in a space that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It is a shining example of the transformation of an existing property into a modern and sophisticated living space.

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