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Le Ruisseaux Lodge

Refurbishment and extension of a 1950's Arts and Crafts style dwelling.

Le Ruisseaux Lodge

Morris Architects took on the task of refurbishing and extending a 1950's Arts and Crafts style dwelling for a private client. The original building had fallen into disrepair and required comprehensive restoration, including addressing internal design and construction issues. Additionally, a section of the facade needed careful reconstruction to revive its architectural splendour.

Respecting the dwelling's rich heritage, the architectural intervention successfully blended the old and the new. The interiors were adapted thoughtfully, ensuring a harmonious flow between spaces while introducing contemporary elements for improved functionality and aesthetics. A notable addition was the sunroom extension, strategically designed to create a captivating space connected to the living room and showcasing the stunning views. This sun-soaked retreat offers a peaceful escape, integrating with the surrounding landscape and enhancing the dwelling's allure.

Preserving the original character and architectural essence was of utmost importance throughout the refurbishment and extension process. By skilfully combining meticulous restoration, careful reconstruction, and well-considered contemporary touches, Morris Architects breathed new life into the house while honouring its remarkable history.

A standout feature of the project was the construction of a new garage with an upper-level home office. This practical addition not only serves the client's needs but also integrates seamlessly with the dwelling's overall aesthetic, contributing to its cohesive and captivating presence.

Overall, Morris Architects has successfully reimagined and revitalized the 1950's Arts and Crafts style dwelling, elevating it to new levels of elegance and sophistication. Through a seamless fusion of old and new elements, they have created a home that celebrates its past while embracing the aspirations of its discerning occupants.

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