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La Falaise

A luxurious four bedroom villa style property, featuring spacious family living, with far reaching views over the beautiful St Aubin's bay.

La Falaise

The original architectural vision for this project was to create a bespoke four bedroom family residence that capitalized on the stunning views over St Aubin’s bay. The proposed design featured spacious family living areas, a separate lounge, study, garage, and four en-suite bedrooms, all designed to maximize the site's panoramic vistas. In addition, the basement level was envisioned to be a luxurious space accommodating a cinema room, gym, sauna, and changing facilities for the external swimming pool.

However, following the receipt of planning permission, the project was sold to a speculative developer who scaled back the original design, reducing the basement level to a simple changing area for the pool. Consequently, the materials and detailed design were carefully curated to strike a balance between cost and quality.

To achieve this, the project was undertaken with a Design and Build Contract, which allowed for the efficient management of the construction process. The successful negotiation with a local builder ensured that the architectural vision was realized within the specified budget constraints.

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