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Janvrins Farm

Challenging site development project overcomes planning hurdles to deliver four residential units.

Janvrins Farm

The project brief for the site was challenging, as the Planning Department had taken an aggressive stance against further development following the demolition of existing buildings. As a result, obtaining planning permission for the eventual construction of four residential units was a complex process.

The design brief was focused on maximizing the site's potential while satisfying both Planning requirements and ensuring privacy and amenity for adjoining properties. Our final design solution included a four-bedroom unit, two three-bedroom units, and one two-bedroom unit, each with amenities, gardens, sea views, and dedicated car parking.

To achieve a successful outcome, our practice collaborated closely with the Planning Department and local community stakeholders to address their concerns and gain support for the development. Our design approach focused on creating a visually appealing and practical solution that met the needs of future residents while enhancing the local environment.

Overall, the project was a success, with the eventual construction of four residential units meeting Planning requirements and providing a comfortable living environment for residents, complete with amenities, gardens, sea views, and car parking.

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