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St Ouen's Parish Hall

Refurbishment and extension of SSI listed Parish Hall in St Ouen.

St Ouen's Parish Hall

The project entailed the comprehensive refurbishment and extension of the Parish Hall in St Ouen, a structure listed as a Site of Special Interest (SSI). The primary objective was to create contemporary office spaces and communal facilities suitable for various groups and committee meetings. The interior of the existing Hall and ancillary offices underwent refurbishment, involving the removal of any later additions that detracted from the original architectural integrity.

To optimize functionality and aesthetics, the exterior elements were reconfigured, necessitating the relocation of the boiler house and sheds. This strategic rearrangement aimed to improve the overall layout and visual appeal of the site, ensuring a more harmonious integration of the refurbished Parish Hall with its surroundings.

By preserving the authenticity of the original design and improving the spatial arrangement, the project provided a modern, efficient, and welcoming environment for administrative activities and community gatherings.

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