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Revitalizing heritage: Restoring historic buildings and enriching the residential environment.


The project focused on the repair and refurbishment of a group of historically significant buildings within a residential context. The primary objective was to carefully strip away unsympathetic alterations accumulated over the years and restore the house to an appropriate historical state, while simultaneously improving the accommodation to meet the standards befitting a property of such distinguished status.

A notable feature of the project involved addressing the prominent location of the greenhouse, which adjoined and formed an integral part of the immediate setting surrounding the Grade 3 Listed Building. As part of the restoration efforts, the modern greenhouse was replaced with a more traditional design and roof pitch. In addition, historic windows and doors were reused, resulting in an enhancement of both the unique architectural features and the overall setting of Crossbow House and the neighbouring Listed Buildings. By paying careful attention to these details, the project sought to preserve and elevate the special character and visual appeal of the site while respecting its historical significance.

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