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St Martin's Sheltered Housing

Creating a welcoming and inclusive elderly community.

St Martin's Sheltered Housing

The aim of the project was to create a welcoming community for the elderly residents of the Parish. The design revolved around the concept of sheltered homes, with units arranged around charming communal courtyards that were thoughtfully landscaped. Each unit had its entrance facing these courtyards, fostering a sense of community and connection.

In order to maximize natural light and the pleasant atmosphere, the living rooms and kitchens of the units were strategically positioned to face the sun and/or the central communal areas. Furthermore, two units were specifically designed to cater to the needs of disabled individuals, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity within the community.

Additionally, a bespoke two-storey house was designed to serve as accommodation for a warden. This arrangement aimed to provide on-site support and assistance while maintaining the overall harmony and functionality of the community.

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