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Maison St Brelade Care Home

Comprehensive refurbishment and expansion of a Residential Care Home.

Maison St Brelade Care Home

The extensive refurbishment of a residential care home encompassed the transformation of the existing facility, including the enlargement of bedrooms and the provision of en-suite facilities. Additionally, a new wing consisting of 14 rooms was constructed, while the remaining wings were systematically refurbished, resulting in a total of 47 bedrooms to cater to residents' needs.

Originally constructed in the 1970s, the care home was in dire need of modernization. The room sizes fell significantly below the minimum standards, necessitating a significant increase in size to meet regulatory requirements. Moreover, communal bathrooms posed serious challenges in terms of infection control management. The building envelope itself exhibited poor thermal performance, and the presence of wall-mounted corridors created obstacles for residents' mobility and accessibility.

The project was meticulously executed in a phased manner over a three-year construction period, ensuring that the care home remained fully occupied throughout. With a minimum of 47 rooms available at each stage, rental income was maintained during the project's progression. To accommodate the increased demand, a new wing was constructed in the front car park, adhering to the Health Building Notes (HBN) requirements. Once completed, residents from the existing wings were systematically relocated to the newly refurbished wings, enabling the renovation of the original building to commence.

Existing bedrooms underwent mergers to create larger rooms, each equipped with en-suite facilities. Internal walls were thermally lined, floors were upgraded with insulation and underfloor heating, and additional ceiling insulation was added to enhance thermal comfort. The revitalized care home also included new amenities such as a shop, kitchen, multi-purpose day rooms, as well as compliant assisted bathrooms and medicine rooms.

The project was not only completed ahead of schedule but also received high commendation at the prestigious Jersey Construction Awards in 2014. The care home now stands as a testament to the successful integration of modern design, improved functionality, and enhanced comfort for its residents.

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