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Jersey Hospital CT Scanner

Expansion of Radiology Department at Jersey General Hospital: Architectural integration and historic considerations

Jersey Hospital CT Scanner

To enhance the island's resilience and provide an additional CT scanner, a second scanner was proposed for the Radiology Department at Jersey General Hospital. Due to limited space within the existing building, a bespoke temporary mobile unit was designed to house the new facility. The mobile unit was adorned with a decorative wrap to visually harmonize with the adjacent theatre block, ensuring a cohesive architectural aesthetic.

Given the sensitive nature of the project and its proximity to the Grade 1 listed historic granite block, extensive collaboration and coordination took place with the Historic Environment Team within the Planning Department. To comply with regulations and preserve the historic façade, a new structure was conceived in front of the main façade, with the understanding that this temporary addition would be dismantled, and the historic façade restored once the construction of the new hospital was completed.

The implementation of the new structure posed logistical and practical challenges, which required careful consideration and resolution. Once these issues were addressed, a pre-fabricated pod housing the CT scanner was meticulously positioned atop a steel frame, utilizing a crane for the installation process.
The new extension was strategically placed within the main car park, adjacent to the modern theatre extension, ensuring a cohesive architectural composition and functional integration within the hospital campus.

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