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Enid Quenault Health & Wellbeing Centre

Relocation of Day Care Clinical Provision Services from Overdale to the former Les Quennevais School.

Enid Quenault Health & Wellbeing Centre

The ambitious scheme involved the strategic relocation of all day care clinical provision services from the scattered existing Overdale Hospital site in Jersey to the former Les Quennevais School. The project encompassed meticulous internal spatial planning to accommodate an expansive 7,500sqm of clinical and administrative services within the new facility.

The impetus for this project stemmed from the Government of Jersey's decision to designate the existing Overdale Hospital site as the preferred location for the construction of the new Hospital. As a result, the need to decant the services from the existing Overdale site became a high priority for the delivery of the new hospital. The facility was designed to serve as a temporary solution until the completion of the new hospital.

Currently, the existing Overdale Hospital houses various live Outpatient Departments and FM services spread across several buildings, each with its own unique conditions. An initial feasibility report determined that approximately 7,200sqm of clinical area and office accommodation was required for the successful implementation of the project.

The internal spatial strategy was meticulously developed, considering patient flows and departmental relationships. The layout ensured that all consulting rooms benefited from ample natural daylight, facilitated by perimeter windows and an internal courtyard. Clinical provision was thoughtfully situated on the ground floor, while staff accommodation was located in the upper levels of the two tower blocks. The existing external building envelope was retained, with the addition of new openable windows within the existing curtain walling façade to improve natural ventilation in staff areas. To mitigate noise impact, new roof-mounted plant equipment was installed and concealed by acoustic louvres.

Currently under construction, the project is on track for completion in Quarter 3 of 2023, marking a significant milestone in the transformation of Overdale Hospital and the provision of enhanced healthcare services.

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