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Castle Quay Medical Centre

Architectural design for a Category B Fit-Out of a New GP Medical Centre.

Castle Quay Medical Centre

In response to the amalgamation of two doctors' practices, a meticulous Category B fit-out was undertaken to establish a state-of-the-art GP medical centre. This comprehensive scheme encompassed the provision of 10 consulting rooms, a minor operations theatre, staff facilities, and an adjacent chemist pharmacy, ensuring a seamless integration of services.

The project commenced with the development of the client brief, whereby Morris Architects meticulously designed and guided the project up to the tender stage, including the interior design elements. Drawing inspiration from the maritime location of the medical centre, a captivating theme was developed, paying homage to the surrounding oceanic environment. The main corridor, a central artery of the facility, featured an expressive undulating wave ceiling, invoking a sense of fluidity and movement. Stainless steel funnels gracefully adorned feature columns, lending a contemporary and sophisticated touch to the space. Subtle compass logos embellished the flooring, acting as navigational markers for patients and staff. Additionally, wave manifestations on the glazing added a touch of elegance and reinforced the overall thematic coherence.

A local contractor was engaged under a design and build contract, with Morris Architects assuming the role of client agent. This entailed overseeing the development of contractors' proposals and assessing workmanship to ensure the project adhered to the highest quality standards and design intent.

The successful execution of this Category B fit-out demonstrates Morris Architects' commitment to creating an environment that seamlessly integrates medical functionality with innovative design. The GP medical centre now stands as a testament to the power of architectural excellence in healthcare settings, where patients and staff alike can experience a visually stimulating and functional space that fosters healing and well-being

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