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Victoria College Classrooms

Seamless Integration: Victoria College's Innovative Classroom Expansion

Victoria College Classrooms

Victoria College's campus expansion project introduces a new permanent classroom block strategically positioned near an existing temporary portacabin and courtyard behind the sixth form block in the northern area.

The decision for this development stemmed from a comprehensive review by the Victoria College Foundation, which revealed the inadequacy of current facilities in meeting modern educational standards.

The proposed new building, mirroring the architectural style of the sixth form block, aims for seamless integration into its surroundings while offering enhanced functionality. Originally envisioned with a copper roof finish and painted rendered façade, budgetary constraints prompted a strategic shift to an alternative coated metal sheet roof system. This system emulates the look of a patinated copper roof with a standing seam finish, meeting the client's budget without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

By combining architectural continuity with cost-effective solutions, this project signifies Victoria College's commitment to providing students with modern, conducive learning environments while adhering to financial constraints.

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