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Bentley Offices/Style House

Sustainable and aesthetically pleasing bespoke development for the Style Group within St Peter, Jersey.

Bentley Offices/Style House

Morris Architects undertook a commissioned project by Comprop CI to revitalize a former gas storage facility situated on the outskirts of the countryside zone in St Peter. The architectural scheme was meticulously developed in collaboration with the planning department, with a specific focus on reducing the visual impact of the building against the backdrop of the surrounding agricultural fields and existing residential properties.

To harmonize with the landscape, the design retained the former landscaped "blast" banks and incorporated an 'L' shaped building footprint. The roof was given a shallow pitch, strategically designed to minimize its visual prominence by cantilevering flat pitched soffits along the perimeter of the building's footprint.

Additionally, one of the planning conditions mandated the achievement of a BREEAM rating, necessitating a sustainable design approach. The design team meticulously evaluated various aspects, including energy and water usage, health and wellbeing, pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology, and management processes. The completed scheme successfully achieved a good BREEAM rating, attesting to its environmentally friendly and sustainable features.

Following the development stage, the design team was novated to the main contractor who sought to showcase their business products. As a result, careful attention was given to the selection and detailing of external materials, including curtain walling, windows, and liquid-applied roofing membranes. Furthermore, a separate application was submitted for the construction of a showcase conservatory at the end gable, adding an elegant touch to the overall design.

The perimeter façade was strategically designed to maximize natural daylight penetration into the floor plates, employing glazed curtain walling. To mitigate solar gains on south-facing elevations and ensure privacy for neighbouring residential properties, external brise soleil elements were integrated into the design, striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

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