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Jersey Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Phased Refurbishment of ICU and HDU at Jersey General Hospital: Expansion and upgrades all whilst fully operational.

Jersey Hospital Intensive Care Unit

The ICU refurbishment project embraced a meticulously planned phased sequential program to deliver two isolation rooms and a larger clinical ward, all while ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the ICU, which operated around the clock, 365 days a year. Key elements of the project included the construction of a new single-storey extension and the installation of vertical flues connecting to the main roof's plant, all carried out within the confines of the fully operational ICU.

The original ICU comprised two separate clinical areas, the SICU and MICU, which had become outdated and no longer met current standards. Challenges included inadequate storage for equipment, goods, and drugs, unsatisfactory means of escape, and outdated and worn-out M&E installations. The existing bed spaces were also confined and failed to meet the minimum requirements outlined in the HTM, posing significant infection control risks.

The project adopted a comprehensive multi-phased approach. The first phase involved the creation of a new 5 bed HDU ward, followed by the development of two isolation rooms and a new 5 bed ward with a central nurse station. To accommodate the expansion, a new first-floor extension was constructed, effectively increasing the unit's floor area. Stainless steel vertical flues were strategically positioned along the front façade to connect with the new roof-mounted plant on the existing roof.

One of the project's notable achievements was its successful execution while the ICU continued to provide essential care throughout the construction period. The complexity and seamless operation of the works were recognized, leading to the project receiving the prestigious Project of the Year award at the Jersey Construction Awards in 2014.

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